Our Creative Classes, Fun Competitions, and Festive Celebrations

At IHIT, we take both paid and unpaid classes, depending upon various factors, from a kid’s financial background to his or her passion. Beginning from the free Crafts and English classes to taking paid workshops, and establishing an empowering value creating centre, IHIT has reputed itself through the efforts and ambitions of some of its students, who have been with IHIT’s founder, Ms. Renu Gupta, from even before she thought to even start anything like this.

It is the success stories of these children today – in both their personal lives and at their schools- which has not only made IHIT proud, but has brought their parents, our trustees and teachers to the highest kind of satisfaction and happiness. These kids continue to work along with the Indian Hobby Ideas Trust as a volunteer and learner today.

Indian Hobby Ideas has been able to get registered as an independent, non-profit, and value creating Trust, aiming towards empowering, helping, and teaching various academic and vocational courses to a number of children today, regardless of their social, cultural, and economical backgrounds.

As a Trust, no matter if inside the school for accumulating a certain amount for the smooth-functioning of the whole Trust, or inside the classroom, free-of-cost, to the kids who can’t afford high-class tuitions or courses—IHIT, aims towards bringing about the transformation not only in the backward sections of various regions of Delhi, starting from Karala itself, but also in the society itself. This is achieved by us through the medium of our professional group of teachers, the students or youths, and value creation.

Mahatma Gandhi said, be the change you want to see in the world.

IHIT intend towards making its students believe in themselves, and bring out their best creative potential in whatever field they like, so as to stand independently and confidently both in economic and social terms.

Our Creative Classes, Fun Competitions, and Festive Celebrations
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