Art & Craft Exhibition & Stall at Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka

On 22 December 2019, Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka, organised a Eco-Carnival, in which IHI Trust enthusiastically took part.

Recently, the creative team of IHI Trust participated in the Eco-Carnival organised by Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka. The kids of all ages, teachers, and parents, from almost all walks of life, joyfully visited the stall of our Trust, and most of them were eager to know about the vision, work, and purpose of the Trust.

The team of IHIT organised two separate tables for the smooth working of the whole team. On the first table, the team displayed the eco-friendly cloth-bags, made by the economically or other backward ladies who learnt under our Trust and Institute in Rama Vihar, Karala the Christmas (themed) lightweight Photo-Frames and Wall-Hangings for the children between the ages of 5 and 12. The team also displayed the professionally crafted decorative material, tea-lights, greeting cards, variety of shagun lifafa, and the customizable lightweight wood/cardboard motifs. From the beginning to the end of this Table, each and everything was kept with an intention to pull-out and free the often suppressed or hidden creative capabilities of each and every one.

To the volunteer’s and even teacher’s surprise, the team also noticed the developed ignorance of the “modern” 21st-century kids, especially boys, who seemed too disinterested in such fun activities, like cutting, pasting, painting, and more. The experienced team of creative artists were shocked, as in the last event, on the Children’s Day, 14 November 2019, where the teachers taught the poverty-stricken kids free of cost, those kids were overjoyed and more excited than ever to get all that material around the making of the folder, like pastel sheets, glue, quilling-strips, etc. As much as those kids treasured it, as much as many kids of the stable backgrounds even resisted to explore or ask the teachers on the second table to teach them how to do Tie-and-Dye. In fact, a few of the parents themselves, pulled the kids away, even if the kid wanted to buy any of the creative kits. Moreover, each of the things on the Display Table ranged between 100 to 500, and each and every penny received was gone in the maintenance fund of the Trust.

But on the brighter side, many people, joyfully signed up their name, number, and emails, on the list, willingly asking the Owner of the IHIT, Ms Renu Gupta, to contact them for organizing the workshops at their place! This was an extremely overwhelming gesture for each person working on the stall.

The second table was made for the instant creative work, that is, teachers were interested to guide/teach/help make the consumers of the products learn how to do Tie-and-Dye (on the stalls), stencil work (on the cloth-bags), and even entertain the kids decorate their frames if they wanted to do it. But, due to the cold weather, and limited seats, this was to be slowed down.

Nonetheless, the overall day at the grand and well-organized Carnival was not just fun, but filled with laughter, cheers, and even, creativity!

What else do the IHIT want!

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Art & Craft Exhibition & Stall at Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka
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