Online Art and Craft Classes (Weekly)

Looking for Online Art and Craft Workshop to join while at home?

Due to COVID-19, the world is suffering. This has made people experience “Hard Times” due to lock-down. Accordingly, working along with current circumstances, Indian Hobby Ideas has come up with Creative Craft Classes Online. However, this is also in response to our dear students and supporters. So, if you are looking for some interactive online art and craft workshop or classes to join, then you have reached the right place!

As a part of this craft workshop, we will teach about one trending art form of India each week. Currently, these classes are happening in two age groups:

  1. Between 9-13
  2. Above 13

We aim to make these classes filled with hope, thorough experience, and happy moments. And so, we have minimum charges, personal meeting room, weekly workshop, and limited groups (varied time-slots). That means, more fun; more creativity!

How are these Online Art Classes Conducted?

Our Online Classes happen weekly through the Online Meeting App, that is, Zoom. During this week, we make one article. Nonetheless, the focus is on mastering the technique and learn the history behind “this” craft. But, no one can be a master in a single day. So, the effort is to the student to fall in love with the art form. This helps in practise, and improvisation.

Beginning with Blue Pottery in our first week, we were able to receive a decent strength of 6 to 10 regular learners. Personalized meeting space made participants to thoroughly expertise themselves about one particular art form each week. Articles of all students usually wind-up within 7-days.

Every week begins with an introductory class, (if interested then) payment transaction, material list distribution, and 3 to 5 meetings. They end with smiles, sharing of articles, and platform open for question and answers. Also, motherly care of Renu Ma’am in these sessions and outside have won the hearts.

Also, the amount for each week depends on class strength. Although, the minimum remains, Rs. 350. If the batch has more than 20 students, the fees lessen by minimum Rs.50 and maximum Rs.100.

Weekly Updates Around Online Craft Workshop-

Currently, as of 8 August 2020, we have completed our Introductory Class for Dhokra Art!

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Online Classes various Art & Craft forms

Learn the Technique and Master the Art-form!

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Student Work | Art and Craft | Indian Hobby Ideas

Below are final items crafted by our students by learning through Online Classes taken through Zoom Applications, thus defeating COVID-19 and taping inside their best creative self!

So, what are you waiting for?

Fill in this form and join-in our warmly executed and family-like creative art and craft classes, taken under the motherly care of Renu Ma’am (Pidilite Expert Teacher with more than 20+ years of Experience).

All our online craft classes are managed by editor and writer, Ritika Gupta, also known as @ritikapeace. IHI Trust would like to thank her for her heart-filled efforts to make this Organization well-oiled and simply, amazing.

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