Painting and Craft Workshops (At 4 Different Silai Centres of USHA)

5 Days Painting and Craft Workshops at four different centres of USHA Silai, namely, at the centres of Jhandewalan, Sarojini Nagar, Jain Nagar, and Malka Ganj. All these are made through the help of various Sansthas, and managed by skillful ladies.

During the summer months of 2017, IHIT’s founder, Ms. Renu Gupta, took classes at four different centres of USHA. This was a 20-days long spree, and the ladies were taught to design, paint, and dye the clothes they were learning to make at Usha Silai Centres.

The supervisors of these centres were all women, like, Ms. Asha Sharma of Usha Silai Centre at Jain Nagar and R.W.W.C.O’s manager, Ms. Poonam.

The students were taught to make beautiful designs through fabric paints on their clothes, and how to use various other colours on the clothes, including 3-D glitter outliners, Acrylic Lilac, and Sparkling Pearl Colour. Ms. Renu Gupta, also taught them various other tips and tricks to keep in mind while decorating their fabrics. They learnt to paint, and use the stencils on fabric. They were also taught block painting, tie and dye, and free-hand patterns.

Later, they were also taught to make paper handbags, which students also painted with the help of stencils and packed as well to give them a look of a finished product. They were also taught to use shilpkar, do clay work, make jewellery with M-Seal etc.

Painting and Craft Workshops (At 4 Different Silai Centres of USHA)
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