Renu Ma’am recognised as Corona Warrior!


Renu Ma’am took a class of Blue Pottery online, for 230+ students during July 2020!

Mentoring Blue Pottery for Quarantine Queens (Group) by Monika Laddha

Recently, Renu Ma’am did a free Blue Pottery Session Online on Zoom Application. Quarantine Queens, a group by Monika Soni Laddha, organised the class. Monika Laddha is also the founder of Kalakari Creations.

As a “Mentor”, she gave a class to 230+ members online, who were present for learning Blue Pottery Art Form. The session was full of creativeness and seeking spirit. Positive comments by everyone on the WhatsApp Group made Renu Ma’am feel overwhelm. She was further ready to continue her online classes for spreading positivity, and value creation with her skills.

The class took place on 16 July 2020 at 4 PM on the Online E-Meeting Application, Zoom. During the class, Renu Ma’am daughter, Ritika Gupta, assisted her in the background. She became her “team” and “support” for handling the “internet and techie” stuff. Renu Ma’am calmly gave answers to all the queries asked by the seekers. She didn’t hurry and told even the minutest details with complete clarity. With her eyes fixed on the creating value out of whatever we learn, she didn’t try to hide any essentials while conducting this free session. This honesty won the hearts of many. By the end of the session, a 45-minute talk made her bond and interact with more queens who are working towards similar causes as IHI‘s.

Rightly called as a Warrior, Renu Ma’am continues to spread art with the aim for creating value and self-dependency for women. She is currently continuing to conduct on personal level weekly online classes of art and craft.

She would like to conclude by expressing her gratitude to all the learners who attended her session, her family and friends, and Monika Laddha for being such generous support throughout this Online Creative Session.

Certificate of Honour to Renu Gupta | Corona Warrior

Awarded By Kalakari Creations- Quarantine Queen (by Monika Soni Laddha)

Certificate Awarded to Ms Renu Gupta for her Blue Pottery.Session & Beating Corona
Renu Ma’am recognised as Corona Warrior!

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