Reusing Waste Jute- Workshop

Making Creative Hair Accessories Holder with Waste Jute- A Workshop for Aged and Uneducated Women, on February 2017.

Ms. Renu Gupta, the founder, has been working along with the Neha Kala Lok Creatives Trust (as a Festive Decoration and Gift Wrapping Expert) from even before Indian Hobby Ideas was established as a Trust. Accordingly, the seeds of consolidating the Trust were sown much before the registration of the Indian Hobby Ideas as a non-profitable institute.

The following pictures are from the workshop that took place during the spring of February 2017, organized by Neha Kala Lok Creatives Trust for aged and uneducated ladies at Krishi Vihar, Delhi. Ms. Renu Gupta, along with the chief trustee of Neha Kala Lok and other team members (also the firm supporters and part of IHIT’s professional expert team of artists), can be seen working with the women who attended the workshop.

Our aim during this workshop was to teach these women to make Creative Hair Accessories Holder by recycling and reusing the waste jute threads. The final product is aesthetic and usable inside the domestic space. The secondary motive was to make these ladies believe in their capabilities, as not just homemakers, but the women who can earn through their art & creativity capabilities.

IHIT’s volunteers and in-house team (students and teachers who have been with Ms. Renu Gupta from the commencement– Bharti, Rupali, Sneha Jha Sneha Jha, Shivani, Alka, Preeti Arora) and Ms. Renu Gupta herself, volunteered the whole workshop.

Reusing Waste Jute- Workshop
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